Fundscrip Fundraiser 2018

Here's our first CLUB fundraising venture if anyone is interested!

It's called Fundscrip. It's a gift card fundraiser that you can do yourself or you can sell to your friends, family and neighbours too. And it's easy!
Everyone shops. With this fundraiser, people purchase gift cards for places they frequently shop. When they purchase them through our club, you get a percentage of each purchase as a BONUS to you!

And there are SO many options for places to purchase gift cards from!

With Christmas just around the corner, and birthday parties... I can see that I will use this for a lot more than just my normal monthly shopping!

It seems too easy to be true! ALL monies you earn in this fundraiser go directly back to YOU into your club fundraising account!

I bet I can pay for most of my judo expenses in a year JUST WITH MY FUNDRAISING ACCOUNT if I use this regularly!
Imagine if you got your friends and family on board! All the tournaments, judo uniforms, fees and fun could be covered with little out of pocket expense from you!

So. Why not get started?

Click here to download the order forms for you to print for the Fundscrip gift cards as well as a brief information sheet to share with friends.
Take a look at all the options for gift cards and the percentage that you can earn off each purchase!

We're going to try to do this several times throughout the season if there is enough interest.
The next order will be due by FEBRUARY 14. Delivery around FEBRUARY 28.

Give me a call, text or email if you have any questions!

306-691-0051 (home)
306-630-7577 (cell)