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Impressive start for judo club
By Randy Palmer
Moose Jaw Times-Herald

The Moose Jaw Koseikan Judo Club could well have their next provincial superstar in their midst -- and if Tom Glasrud can continue he meteroic pace through his Saskatchewan judo opponents, the sky could be the limit in his competitive career.

Glasrud showed a flash of his potential at a provincial calibre tournament in Watrous recently, battling his way through the 'B' side to with the juvenile boys over-74 kilogram division.

What made his showing all the more impressive is that he had to fight his way through a gauntlet of green and blue belts in order to do it -- no small feat for an orange-belt level competitor in his second year in the sport.

"He's probably our next shining star right now, he's really come a long way in a short amount of time," said Koseikan instructor Jim Wiens. "He's one of the few people we'e had in the club advance two belt levels in a year, so that shows how he's really improving."

Glasrud didn't get off toa great start in his first match of the tournament, suffering his only loss to a blue-belt opponent -- two full grades higher than his current level. He steam-rolled through the 'B' side and came back to beat that same fighter twice.

Gladrud wasn't the only local competitor to enjoy an impressive weekend, as clubmate Leigh White battled through the ultra-competitive cadet boys over-46kg division to earn silver.

The Watrous tournament also acted as the first qualification tournament for the 2003 Canada Winter Games.

Levi Cordick (boys under-46 kg), Tyler O'Rourke (boys under-59kg) and Marisa Kerr (girls over/under-63 kg) all finished first in their respective divisions in the Games sub-tournament.

Other medal winners include Connor MacDonald (second, cadet boys under-34 kg), Levi Cordick (second, cadet boys under-46 kg), Brett Crabbe (third, cadet boys over-46 kg), Jennifer Herbert (second, cadet girls under 38/42 kg combined), Marissa Evans (second, juvenile girls over-63 kg), Marisa Kerr (first, juvenile girls over-63 kg), Jeremy Williams (second, junior men under-56/60 kg combined), Garth Rivers (third, junior men under-56/60 kg combined), Stephanie Legault (third, junior women under-70 kg combined; second, senior women under-70 kg combined), Kailey Large (second, junior women under-70 kg combined; first, senior women under-70 kg combined) and Jim Wiens (second, senior men over-100 kg).

Appeared in the Moose Jaw Times-Herald Nov 10, 2001

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