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Judo pair compete in Ontario Open
By Times-Herald Sports Staff

A pair of compeditors from the Moose Jaw Koseikan Judo Club recently attended the Ontario Open, with both giving a good accounting of themselves at the elite-level event.

Saskatchewan junior men's team member Brian Smith posted a 1-2 record at the tournament, losing his second fight in the junior mens under -90kg division to the reigning national champion.

Smith led that match much of the way through, only to get caught by a throw as time wound down.

Mark Kerr, competing in the junior men's under -81kg category, lost a pair of hard fought matches.

Both fighters also attended a recent provincial-level tournament in Melfort and enjoyed much better results -- Smith won bronze in the senior men's over -90 kg division with a 1-2 record, while Kerr picked up silver in the juvenile boys over-74 kg with a 4-2 showing and won gold in the junior men's under -81 kg with a perfect 3-0 record.

The Koseikan club also enjoyed a strong performance from Jeromy Williams in the juvenile men's under -64 kg as he went undefeated at 3-0 to win gold.

Alex McGillis picked up gold in the novice boys over -46 kg class, winning both his matches.

The club's only multiple gold medal winner was senior men's compeditor Mark Pivovar, with gold in the senior mens' over -90 kg (4-1) and under -81 kg (3-0).

In total, Moose Jaw Koseikan came home with 23 medals, including seven gold and five silver.

The club will host their annual kid's tournament this weekend at the dojo (801 Hochelaga St. E) with more than 50 compeditors expected to take part. Matches get underway at noon.

Other results from the Melfort tournament include:

Cadet boys u-42 --- 3. Leigh White (1-2)

Cadet boys u-46 --- 2. Stuart Burns (0-2)

Novice boys u-34 --- 3.Jamie Burns (0-2)

Novice boys 37-40kg --- 3. Stephan Gerry (1-2)

Novice boys u-46 kg --- 1. Levi Cordick (2-0)

Juvenile girls u-63 kg--- 2. Stephanie Legault (2-2); 3. Marisa Kerr (1-2)

Juvenile girls over -63 kg --- 3. Danielle Pakula (1-2)

Juvenile boys u-40 kg --- 3. Chris Gerry (1-2)

Juvenile boys u-43 kg--- 3. Chris Gerry (1-2)

Juvenile boys u-46 --- 3. Garth Rivers (1-2)

Juvenile boys advanced u-64 kg --- 4. John Smith (0-2)

Junior women u-63 kg --- 2. Stephanie Legault (1-2); 3. Kailey Large (0-2)

Senior women u-78 kg --- 3. Kailey Large (0-2)

Senior men over -90 kg --- 2. Dan Orescanin (2-1)

Appeared in the Moose Jaw Times-Herald December 2, 2000

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