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Future looking bright for Koseikan judo club
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The future is definitely looking bright for the Moose Jaw Koseikan Judo Club, with their results at the recent Cadet / Juvenile Provincial Championships in Regina giving a solid indication of potential future success.

Of the 20 local up-and-coming competitors who took part in the 15-and-under tournament, 14 were able to bring home medals -- something that could be a sign of big things to come for the local club.

"The kids are doing really well, especially since for a lot of them it's their first year," said Koseikan head instructor Cliff Wiens, who also saw his charges win the overall team title for the third straight season. "We had a bit of a slow start as far as the kids go but they've sure picked up and now they're going pretty crazy. They really did a great job this weekend."

Leading the charge were a pair of the club's older competitors, with Connor MacDonald and Levi Cordick posting commanding victories in their respective classes.

MacDonald went undefeated with four straight wins in the juvenile boys under-45 kilogram division, with his total time on the mats less than many competitors had in a single fight.

Cordick also strung together a perfect record, winning three straight in the juvenile boys under-48/55 kg class.

"Connor was so above everyone in his class and it was the same with Levi," Wiens said. "They're starting to step into the limelight and they're looking really good every time they step on the mat."

If everything works out perfectly, both fighters could find themselves taking to the mat against far tougher competition in the near future.

"I'm kind of hoping they'll both be picked for junior nationals, even though they're quite young," Wiens said. "They're both getting better and better all the time, and they'll be the ones who take over from from (longtime Koseikan standardbearers) Garth (Rivers) and Jeremy (Williams) and Kailey (Large) and Stephanie (Legault)."

The club also saw a handful of stand-out performances in the youngest divisions, as Shaylea Locken-Ayerst went undefeated to win the Cadet girls under 26-30 kg division with three victories and Erica Nagy won both her matches to take first in the Cadet over-43 kg class.

"We have some young girls who are doing really well, most of our younger contingent is girls and that's different for our club," Wiens said. "Usually we have four or five, but most of them are girls this year and that's great.

"It's all shaping up very well, and next year is going to be even better yet. These are still nine-, 10-, and 11-year-old kids, so they're going to learn more and improve all the time. All they need now is more experience, they have good sound basic techniques and now they just need the time on the mats."

Full results are as follows:

  • Cadet Girls 1994-plus (under-23 kg) -- 2. Samantha Trusty, 4. Taryn Montgomery, 5. Brianna Walz.
  • Cadet Girls 1994-plus (under-26/30 kg) -- 1. Shaylea Locken-Ayerst, 2. Haley Walz, 4. Amy Hughes, 5. Carli Orr.
  • Cadet Girls 1994-plus (under-34 kg) -- 2. Shaylea Locken-Ayerst, 3. Meaghann White.
  • Cadet Girls 1991-93 (under-34 kg) -- 2. Elisha Billay.
  • Cadet Girls 1991-93 (under-38 kg) -- 3. Meaghann White.
  • Cadet Girls 1991-93 (under-43 kg) -- 2. Lisa Crampton.
  • Cadet Girls 1991-93 (over-43 kg) -- 1. Erica Nagy.
  • Cadet Boys 1994-plus (under-30 kg) -- 2. Josh Horsnall.
  • Cadet Boys 1994-plus (under-34 kg) -- 1. Geoffrey Dupuis.
  • Cadet Boys 1991-93 (under-30 kg) -- 3. Chad Griffin.
  • Cadet Boys 1991-93 (under-34 kg) -- 2. Colton Jackson.
  • Cadet Boys 1991-93 (under-38 kg) -- 7. Joel Nagy.
  • Cadet Boys 1991-93 (under-46 kg) -- 2. Nick Hughes.
  • Juvenile Boys under-45 kg -- 1. Connor MacDonald, 5. Steven Trudel.
  • Juvenile Boys under-49/55 kg -- 1. Levi Cordick.

    Appeared in the Moose Jaw Times-Herald Apr 1, 2004

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