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Several local winners in M.J. judo tournament
There were several local winners at a judo tournament held in Moose Jaw on the weekend.

In senior men's yellow, orange and green belt competitions, John Szabo of Calgary won the 132 pound class with Fred Tatler of Saskatoon placing second. Barry Korven of Swift Current won the 143 pound class with Jaque Gagnon of Moose Jaw placing second. In the 157 pound class, Duncan Cameron of Moose Jaw was first and Doug Kelly of Regina, second. The 172 pound class winner was Doug Dahl of Regina with Bill Campbell of Moose Jaw finishing second. Rich Mazurkewich of Lloydminister won the 190 pound class with Byron Seymor of Regina finishing second. Roger Briere of Prince Albert won the 209 pound class followed by Dale Phillips of Wadena.

In the senior men's blue, brown and black belt competitions, the winner in the 143 pound class was Ralph Vanwerkhoven of Saskatoon followed by Davia Paul of Regina. Gord Okamura of Edmonton won the 157 pound class with Mark Anderson of P.A., second. The 172 pound winner was E. Kurylo of Saskatoon with Ray Hale of Regina finishing second. In the 190 pound class, Glen Wozniak of P.A. was first and Graham McRae of Yorkton, second. Merv Pointer of Wadena won the 209 pound class followed by Len Partridge of Moose Jaw. In the 209 plus class, Tony Wentworth of Lloydminister placed first.

In senior men's open competition, Wozniak of P.A. was first and Okamura of Edmonton second.

In junior girls' competition, Katrina Phillips of Moose Jaw won the 60 pound class with Angela Peimer of S.C. finishing Second. Jackie Burns of P.A. won the 70 pound event followed by Debbie Lewis of Regina. Terri Wisniewski of Regina finished first in the 80 pounds class followed by Carrie Ann Keen of Moose Jaw. Elisabeth Knolls of Calgary placed first in the 90 pound class with Kathleen O'Sullivan of P.A. won the 100 pound class followed by Kim Loeppky of S.C. The 115 pound class was won by Maureen O'Sullivan of P.A. followed by Carrie Mardell of P.A. Kim Korvin of S.C. won the 130 pound class with Anita Ahenekew of P.A., second.

In the senior women's class, CeliaPidduck of Saskatoon was first in the 115 pound class with Linda Franc of P.A., second. Bev Ellaschuk of P.A. won the 130 pound class followed by Kim Korven of S.C. The 145 pound class winner was Shelley Jackson. In the 145 pound class Nancy Jewitt of Regina was first and Renee Gerritse of Wadena, second.

In senior women's open Jewitt of Regina was first with Gerritse of Wadena second.

In the junior boy's competitions, Josh Wiens of Moose Jaw won the 45 pound class. Jay Markowski of P.A. placed first in the 50 pound class with Danny Cameron of Moose Jaw second. Jason Bell of Battlefords won the 60 pound class followed by Trevor Berg. Grant Stregger of Weyburn finished first in the 70 pound class with Norman Russel of P.A. second. In the 80 pound class, Gary Irons of Calgary was first followed by Richard Beston of Calgary. The 90 pound class winner was Glen nimegeers of Weyburn with Birch Markowski of P.A., second. Gary Sylnen of Calgary won the 100 pound class followed by Scott Isaacs, also of Calgary. Chris Hobbs of Clagary won the 115 pound class with Kevin O'Sullivan of P.A., second. Moose Jaw's Brian Scott won the 130 pound class. Bruce Dunbar of Calgary placed first in the 145 pound class with Brina Scott of Moose Jaw, second. Howard Fertuck of Battleford was the 160 pound class winner with Perry Pelchat of Battleford, second.

Appeared in the Moose Jaw Times-Herald Spring, 1981

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