19 more medals awarded in Day Two of judo competition
By Maynard Rust
Day Two at the judo venue proved to be equally as competitive as Day One.

The level of performance intensified as the day progressed. Gradually, the field was narrowed down to those who would stand on the medal platform victorious.

The day's matches consisted of the following classes: men under 50 kg; men under 54 kg; men under 59 kg; women under 48 kg; and, finally women under 56 kg.

The crowd assembled in the Evergreen Community Centre auditorium not only enjoyed the matches between athletes, but was entertained by exhibition matches involving judo team matches. In these exhibition matches, the weight of the competitors and whether they are male or female made no difference -- resulting in some hilarious moments.

When it came time for the medal presentations, 19 proud athletes lined up to accept their award for placing at the top in their weight class.

The day's results follow:

The judo competition is in its final day today. Matches will take place for men under 64 kg, men 64 kg and over, women under 61 kg and women 61 kg and over. The competition begins at 9:30 a.m., with the medal presentations and closing ceremonies beginning at 1:30p.m.

Appeared in the Nipawin Journal, February 25, 1998

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